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I wear these shoes almost too much! This was taken on a balcony in Laguna, when my husband and I managed to steal away for a bit:) Get them here.
I order a bunch of wholesale peonies every spring...I LOVE them. This was the first year they didnt last as long as they normally do, so it was kind of a bummer but when they arrived they brought so much joy to my home:) There are a few differnet places you can order from and if you order a month in advance like I do, you can usually get a discounted price. I like getting mine from Flower Muse online.
This dress is so versatile, I've been wearing it to everything. Baby showers, date nights, even cocktail parties. Get it here, or shop the post below!
And honestly, as bright and cheery as this post is, and is meant to is ALWAYS just plain crazy. I try to steal away to blog or get some time to myself when I can because when I don't I just become a cranky person. I dont know why some people can just go go go without ever recharging and others can't. I'm the latter unfortunately but I so badly WANT to be the former. Maybe its genetics? Or maybe I'm just a wuss?!!

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  1. I love that dress! And they are cute shoes :)

    Don't stress about needing time to recharge! It's natural I think :) Blogging is my little piece of me-time in the craziness that is raising two boys, haha!

    Hope you are having a great week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog


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