Original Style: How to Shop for Clothes that Noone Else Can Get

Ever wonder how to shop for clothes that no one else has? When I lived in New York, I always made the coolest purchases and when I'd go anywhere else people would ask me where I got my clothes, shoes, bags, you name it. However, they would immediately dismiss the thought of ever buying it when I told them I bought it in NYC. Mainly because they knew they'd never be able to find my shirt/dress/handbag unless they bought a plane ticket, booked a hotel, and then made their way to some obscure, out of the way shop in Brooklyn. 

Now I go back to New York fairly often, but I can actually shop from home from boutiques all over the world because of this cool website. Its called Shoptiques.  I've been meaning to post about it for a while. There are TONS AND TONS of boutiques from London to Portland to New York, Vancouver, you name it. 

Here's a little preview of some of their swag:

This is a really fun, exciting way to shop! I always feel giddy when I'm on their website and realize I'm buying something from a hip boutique in Berlin, that I never normally, under any circumstances would have discovered on my own:)

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