Perfectionism : A Picture Worth 1000 Words and a Recipe

Since it seems as though I have quite a few moms reading this blog, I wanted to show everyone a snapshot that describes my life as a mom.
I am ALWAYS trying for perfect and it (as many of you know) is completely impossible. I have such HUGE visions for my day every morning when I wake up, and then I'm always a little let down when I realize I set my goals too high. 

The above photo is a perfect example of my life. Beauty mixed in with complete chaos, LOL! These gorgeous flowers are sitting right next to boxes waiting to be mailed, an old milk carton of my sons from yesterday, and more boxes of unorganized school paraphenelia I've been working on with my sons class. 

I wear myslef out trying to do it all, and I'm not sure I'm capable of stopping. But I am capable of trying to prioritize and of appreciating what I do have that does go as planned. All of us need reminders that its ok not to be perfect, and that we are doing the best we can.

On this note about perfectionism, below is a recipe for you perfectionist moms out there who want to sneak in veggies for a picky toddler. Both my boys refuse spinach but love these "Green Muffins" made with bananas, spinach, yogurt, and maple syrup. I snapped this photo right after I made them because I was so damn proud of them, but you shouldve seen what the house looked like after I made them, since I let the kids go nuts with their toys while I baked!
(Isn't this picture perfect?!! LOL)
Get the recipe here. I swear they are SO SO GOOD! 

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  1. Those muffins look so good; I love spinach plain but I think I'd love it even more in a muffin :). I hear you on the strive for perfection. Someday, maybe, I'll be able to let that go! Have a great weekend, Mia!


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