Best Ways to Style a Bookshelf

Levels: Put your absolute favorite things at eye level...I love this bear canister with golden crown and the quote about motherhood and both are right where I can see them. I must look at these two pieces a hundred times a day!

Elements: Don't be afraid to mix elements. Matchy matchy will look too contrived. Gold, silver, pewter black; it all goes together if you can bring it in somewhere else and have at least two of each color somewhere on your bookshelf. Just don't put two gold pieces right next to each other....

Proportion:Every shelf next to each other should have a different number of items on it. Odd numbers tend to look the nicest but if your shelves are small ones and twos can look nicely proportioned as well.

Anchoring: Books look great with a weight of some sort when laying flat or grouped in smaller numbers. When laying flat, I like to "anchor my books" with a cute plant or decorative object of a smaller scale....

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