Fall Decor Favorites, Fall Tablescapes and Fall Front Door

Tomorrow is Halloween! Now that I have kids, its a whole new form of excitement for me. Fashion and jewley are my big loves but I dont limit it to just that...I LOVE decorating the house and getting the boys all dressed up.  Not to mention, I love decorating my table. The below tablescape will be perfect for a dinner party I am having next week. I just need to add candles and possibly more pumpkins....

And below is my informal kitchen dining area...

As you can see on both tables, I layer a soft placemat with a hard one underneath. I really think it adds warmth to the table and an extra element of texture. I like to keep the kitchen dining area pretty fuss free because of the kids, but the round tray keeps everything in place and keeps the decor contained. Its fun to experiment and think outside the box. For me, its a form of relaxation...gets my mind off my worries and calms me.
Hope you guys have a safe and fun holiday!!

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