How to Set the Perfect Holiday Table

Easy Steps For Setting a Table
My Christmas table is set and all ready for some fun, laughter, yummy food and the creation of warm fuzzy memories. Speaking of warm and fuzzy, how awesome is my fur table runner?!!
I loved creating this look for my dining table so I'm sharing with you guys my tips for a really wow table setting...


1. Pick your colors. I tend to go with one or two or I incorporate different shades of the same color. Here I use all sorts of brazes, rose golds and golds combined with cream. 

2. LAYER! I cant stress this enough: layer the sh!@ out of your linens if you want the table to be warm, cozy and totally unique.
      *Here I use two different placemats. One larger, square cork placemat and then one linen mat placed vertically down the middle of the lower mat. I also use two different table runners. The larger one on the bottom and the soft, fuzzy fur on top.
       *The key to layering is whatever you layer needs to be different sizes and textures.

3. Get creative: Use garlands, tree ornaments, pine cones, or any other non tradition table items. I added the ball ornament garland below on my table last year, and this year went for the glittery twig garland. 
        *Accessories should be placed organically. Zigzag your garland around vases or other accessories.
        *Be sure to use odd numbers of other knickknacks like pine cones or ornaments or whatever other item you choose. 

4. Add a natural element: Flowers are the common go-to here, and I love them, but pine cones, twigs, leaves or branches are a great addition to any holiday table as well.

5. Don't forget napkin rings! They add so much to the setting and are super easy. Many people just use folded napkins but napkin rings are jewelry for your table. IMO they are absolutely necessary!

6. Play around with everything a few times. I walk by and change or adjust things as time goes on. 

Okay, so now for the shopping! Below are some items that will help you create a table similar to mine. Have fun:)


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