New Napa Hotspot and What I Wore

Restoration Hardware actually has a restaurant and its as yummy as it is chic and glamorous...Located in Yountville, which is a town in Napa Valley, it is one of the hottest new dining spots! 

The decor is really killer! But then, what do you expect if you are gonna dine at a place that is known for home decor. The chandeliers and indoor greenery make it super unique and ultra swanky. 

Believe it or not, I was pretty casual for a lunch there. Cute casual is what I like to call it. It was a cold rainy day in Napa and plaid with fur felt particularly appropriate on this day:)

A closer look at the boots: I cannot stress enough the importance of a great furry boot in a place like Napa this time of year:)

And heres a great photo of the tasting room, which I sadly didnt get to go to...image via SF Eater, but I will make it a goal to get there one of these days because the space is absolutely dreamy and I can easily see myself knocking back a few in these incredible surroundings!

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