Top Holiday Gifts for the Girl who Loves Glam

Wow, how is it already the holidays? Here I am, VOWING  to myself that this year will be different. This year I will not be stressed. This year I will SHOP EARLY, and this year I will be that annoying girl at parties who grins wickedly when asked "Are you ready for the Holidays?" and says "I've done all my shopping, planning and wrapping and now I'm just enjoying." How super annoying is that girl anyway? I'll be that girl you want to throw your glass of champagne at, except you wont do it because you're a nice person you are one of my readers and you sincerely would never want to waist even a drop of champs;)
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So without further ado, I have a fun little list of glam gifts for your best friend, your sister, your mamma, yourself. Or for that girl who's super girly and loves anything that sparkles.

1. This sweater is soft and cozy but has a little sparkly sheen to it. I love it with denim or black leather...or even white!

2. This sweet little ornament is the perfect addition to a box of chocolates or a gift card. Shows you still put thought into her gift and every time she hangs it she will think of you.

3. I feel the same about this cocktail shaker. Perfect companion to a gift card or to another small gift, and its super cute and fun for the girl who makes her own drinks.

4. These paperclip earrings are so unique and special. A little bit of edge and a little bit of sparkle.

5. I LOVE this sparkly belt! Mainly for the same reasons I love jewelry. when you've got nothing to wear, or no time to decide, throw it on with a tee and jeans and you instantly have a cool outfit.

6. Liquid Crime Diamond Dew is a favorite of mine for holiday makeup. Its got a beautiful glow, is cruelty free and can be worn I eyes, lips, cheeks or body.

7. I'm a sucker for pretty notebooks. The prettier the better. And the more of a chance that I will record important information, journal, write to do lists, or even use it just to be creative. This sequined journal is a far cry from some boring drugstore notepad, which I'd likely never use. 


8. What to get the girl who works out in the morning then runs errands after? These leggings are so cool, I'd want to wear them ALL DAY. Probably chicer than most any outfit I'd have in my closet anyway, they'd be the perfect pants to put on to inspire a trip to the gym!

9. When all else fails, a pair of sparkly shoes never fails! And these shoes not only have a cool bow you tie in the back of the ankle, they are stacked so they are a heck of a lot more comfortable than a regular heel!

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