Winter Looks 2019: Add a Pop of Red

This New Year has got me wanting to push the limits a little more...or better yet, a lot more. When I lived in New York I used to have way more fun with fashion. Over the past few years, my flare has died down a bit. Most people around me might disagree but whether its motherhood or getting older or the fact that I live in a sleepier part of LA, SOMETHING pulled me away from my funkier style. 

To be honest, I think it has a lot to do with where I live. It's easy to wear the mom uniform here of jeans and a shirt or workout clothes all day (and really what better way to inspire a quick trip to the gym?) But I just simply FEEL better and more like myself when I dress up and when I find clothes that most people around me likely wont wear (even if that brings on some looks). I mean I did have an older lady stare non-stop at my sequined booties the other day, and I'm pretty sure she didn't like them! Lol, it made me laugh though and brought me a sense of euphoria. Whats better than that? (See how easy I am to please?)

I'm not saying that the above picks are all wild and crazy, but I feel like red is my color this year and I want to have more fun with the way I dress. I also want that boldness to spread into my life. I want to take risks and push myself to do what scares me. Last year was a hard year and on the inside I retreated into a state of fear, anxiety and vulnerability and I need to snap out of that. 

So why not start with the color red? Baby steps right?!! LOL

I love the above jacket so much, I had to feature it alone! I need it in my life!

2019 is gonna be a great year!!

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