Top Rainy Day Fashion Trends & Essentials: How to Wear Rain Boots and More

What are good outfits to wear on a rainy day? What are some cozy items to have that make a rainy day wonderful?! Scroll down to see

Los Angeles is having a wet spell! I never thought I'd say this, but its been raining nonstop here. And its COLD! What better thing to do than to stay inside and sip tea while you shop online right?! A girl can dream anyway. I've rounded up the best items to keep your feet warm, your heart warm and your soul filled with a beat-the-blues kind of glee that only happens when you follow natures prompting (the rain, hello) and take care of yourself.  Also, I picked a few different boots and my favorite way to wear them is with black leggings and a tunic, or coat...they can look cute with skinny jeans but be careful not to wear baggy, bootcut jeans.

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