From Window to Wardrobe: Window Shopping for Fall Trends

Window to Wardrobe...Fall 2010 Part 1:
Looks like neutrals are a quite a hit again this Fall here in NYC. Big surprise there. Love the fabrics on both shirts paired with this deep purple handbag. Lace is "in" in a major way as well this season.

Currently, I have these lace neutrals in my closet right now:
I love this! I'll wear it with black pants, a black leather skirt and tights, and even jeans. Now I just need a bag that will add a pop of color...much like the purple bag in the window.

This black dress has a sweetheart neckline and then black lace sleeves. I'll be shopping for a colorful clutch to go with it, so it doesn't seem too predictable and dreary.

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