Kerastase Chronologist Review: Is it Worth It?

I finally broke down and bought this...I've been loving all Kerastase products FOREVER, and, although expensive,  you wear your hair EVERYDAY...so the cost per wear is actually dirt cheap compared to your favorite Jimmy Choos;)

Therefore, caviar for the hair? Why not?!!!

Fill the cream conditioner in the measuring cup provided. Mix about 10 pumps of the grey beads with the conditioner. Towel dry shampooed hair then apply to in sections and comb through. Wait about 10 minutes...or longer. Rinse. Viola! Shiny, voluminous, frizz free hair! Cant get enough of it.
And TRUST me: I have tried EVERYTHING, and this is by far the best. This is the SECRET to great hair:)

***the qualities of all the Kerastase Conditioning Masks combined into one
***I use it twice a week right now, and people complement my hair all the time

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  1. I just used this last night and love it!

  2. Another note: I've noticed this product almost seems to "layer" on top of itself, so the more you use it the better it gets...I'm using it 2 or 3 times a week right now, and I'm also not using as much as the directions tell you to use...maybe a 3rd less...

  3. Thank you!! Thank you! Thank you!!!!! I used this product and my hair looks glossy and amazing! It's so worth the $$ ... Another tip gone to great use!
    THANKs again!


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