I Went Shopping at Saks and Made New Friends....Hello Devi Kroell and Maggie Ward


From the moment I walked into Saks yesterday, I could tell I was going to have a successful shopping trip. I could just feel it in the air. I don't always get that feeling, but when I do...I pounce! I was all of a sudden on a mission to find the coolest new pieces that no one else has. As I made my way into the hallway leading to the handbags, my eyes gazed upon the most beautiful clutch I have ever seen!! But who makes this bag? I've never heard of it.  Let me introduce you to New York designer Devi Kroell and her beautiful Belluga Bag:

Aaaaah. This bag is a breath of fresh air. There are way to many "me too iguana's" out there, that all pick the same trend, and launch it at the same time. Although, yes, the snake skin look is in, this one is so unique and special. I love the structure and the handle is to die for. Made in Italy, this is a high quality clutch.



 I'm always looking for tops that look dressy, but feel lightweight and comfy..When I saw this top on the hanger I was a little unsure, but when I tried it on.....perfection! 
The draping is smooth and fluid, not awkward and chunky like so many other tops of this kind. I find that it lays across the chest just right...the racerback is solid black with a black side zip. I got mine in blue...which after searching online for it, is not easy to find. Saks on 5th carries it, but Barney carries it in brown, and you can also find it in Green at both stores:

I love the necklaces styled with it!

Here's mine;)

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