Keratin Hair Treatment & Brazillian Blow-outs

Kim's hair is shiny and frizz free all the time!

I wanted to give a quick review of these since I've had both done and they are sooooo popular.
First, let me just say that you need to have hair that frizzes to begin with. Period.

Pros: shiniest my hair has ever been
Cons: expensive, feels greasy unless I wash everyday, left my hair flat:(

Brazilian Blow-outs: Usually cost around 3-400$ and can take up to 3 hours to apply. Very potent and long lasting, at least 3 months if you use sulfate free shampoo. Also very straightening. Can leave hair very shiny but at times, limp. ***update--recent news claims that the Brazillian Blowout contains formaldehyde! (more info)

Keratin Treatment: Not as expensive, I think I paid around 180$???? Took 45 mins to apply. Nice. It didnt do anything different from my usual hair-care routine, except make me not have to do much to get the same look I usually spend about 20 mins on.  20 minutes isnt that big a deal though, so I wont be doing this one again either....sad :-(   It does add shine and takes away frizz, so for the money...try this one before you try the brazilian:)

**My overall opinion...I'd rather spend 150$ on KERASTASE CHRONOLOGIST.
***But if you have majorly frizzy hair that has yet to be tamed, try one of these treatment. They will work.

What do you think Kim uses on her hair? That shine could only be created through one of these treatments....but how does she still have body and fullness?

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  1. i'm getting the brazilian blowout in a few weeks. i'm really excited, i have the craziest hair...anyway, i totally researched the formaldehyde stuff and i feel pretty safe. i'll have before and after pics on my blog in a few weeks. thanks for your comment on my blog and your reviews on both of these treatments.

  2. Your welcome! I'm interested to hear how it goes!

  3. Be sure that the salon yopu go to for your hair treatment works with hair experts and not just some hair stylists

  4. When I straighten my hair, it does shine that way... And mind that it's blonde so less noticeable! I think maybe she just has great hair :\ I don't know, celebs have their own little dark EXPENSIVE secrets! :p


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