Lancome Flash Bronzer Body Gel Review

With summer coming to an end, I can actually say with confidence that I do not have to worry about getting too pale and pasty this fall! Although autumn is my favorite time of year, I always have doubts about my ghostly white complexion. 

Finally, there is a product that I can use all year round that looks natural! I have sensitive skin, and this has never caused any problems. If I want a more subtle look, I just apply a layer of my daily moisturizer before I apply this lotion. 

My one worry was whether or not I could apply this lotion to my face, as I tend to break out from self-tanners. As luck would have it, there's no need for me to run out and purchase the separate face lotion...this works amazing! Zero breakouts!! 

One self-tanning product to keep me bronzed from head to toe! I give Lancome Flash Body Bronzer an A+

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