Saturday Night Live

I went to SNL last night! Although I didn't sit in the studio audience, I was backstage and got to do some fun people watching. I have to say, my attention was as much on the fashion as on the show. What is always fun to note at events like these, is the diversity in attire.  Keeping that in mind, there definitely was an overall unspoken dress code it seems...

So, what do you wear if you go to SNL? Well, here's what I saw:

First of all, I saw tons and tons of......


Ok, but besides that....

Lace leggings were everywhere...I happen to love them!
A friend of mine was wearing cute short boots like the Rag and Bones above!
Black leather was also all over the place.

I honestly didn't see many dresses, even though the weather is still nice up here. I did however, see a decent amount of high heels.

The verdict? The overall vibe was comfortable but chic at the same time. Edgy boots or heels separated the new yorkers from the tourists. So FYI, if you are visiting and want to blend in---no jeans with sneakers!!

(images above; revolve, shopbop)

When you dress for a night out, do you keep in mind the theme of the night and also what others might be wearing? Or do you just put on whatever you feel like, and wear it with confidence regardless of how others are dressed?


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