How Do I Get Her Hair????

Let me just say that I LOVE THE COVER OF W MAGAZINE!! Katherine Heigl and Baby Naleigh look stunning:)  

Moving on. How do I get my hair to have those gorgeous retro waves Katherine's got going on? Ugggh, its not like I haven't tried. In fact, I can get waves pretty easy with my favorite styling products right now, but it just doesnt look as polished as above:( 

If you guys know the secret...PLEASE TELL ME ASAP;)

So here are some pics of my quick and easy "messy waves":

Anyway, my easy wave trick is this:

  1.  Apply Sally Hershberger Mousse/ Style Primer to wet hair 
  2.  Start to blow-dry until halfway dry
  3.  Spray the Sally Hershberger "Make Waves"-careful not to put too much. It can get a lil greasy if you do.
  4. As you finish blowdring, twirl with your fingers...away from your face. You know how some peeps twirl their hair all day, or when they're nervous they twirl obsessively? Well, do just that. The "nervous twirl" will shape even my straight hair into nice waves if used in conjuction with these products.
What am I gonna do when the messy waves look goes out of style? Its such a fun way to change up my style every now and then with hardly any extra work!! I don't even use a curling iron!!

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  1. Now this is something I could use, after doing KERATIN treatment my hair is limp.....can I buy this in a local store like SEPHORA? Love the way you got yours to look so natural, yet GLAM. Let me know where to get this product PUUULEASE!!

  2. Thanks Sarah! You can buy it at a cvs or most drugstores here in nyc. Try, i bet you can get it there;)

  3. I wondered the same thing when I saw her hair on the cover! So beautiful. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you figure out Bloglovin'! P.s youre so pretty!

  4. I love her hair too...if you find out..let me know:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
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  5. I love the tips, thank you! I've tried her line of shampoo and conditioner, they're great!



  6. hi!! thank you soo much for visiting my blog!! i love yours too~!! and thanks for the hair tip!! :)

  7. wow! you look FAB!
    have i told you that i realy love your comment on my blog! it made me sooo happy! if you want to keep in touch with my blog you can always use blogger, bloglovin, facebook and twitter!

    xoxo from rome

  8. Nice post!
    Let's follow each other?


  9. what a gorgeous look! you look super cute <3 and I lllooovvee your nail color!


  10. I love Katherine's hair in the photo, yours look good too:) x

  11. I have no idea how to get those curls, but they're gorgeous!

    I'll bet if the next time you go to get a haircut, if you bring the picture and show your stylist, they can actually teach you how to do that style. My stylist does that for me at no extra cost, especially if it is a curly hairstyle!

    I think K.Hiegle's style would suit you to a T, too!

  12. Hey girl!! I love the hair in this photo too!
    I was going to do a tutorial on this!! Basically all you have to do is curl with a curling iron and brush through it!
    Happy Monday!!


  13. I really love her hair too!!!! if you found how to do it, make sure to put up the tutorials

  14. I just saw this product line at ULTA BEAUTY....FYI.

  15. Thanks for the sweet comment and for visiting! Are those called marcelled waves? It must take a long time to create. Your 'messy waves' look good and more natural than hers!

  16. Her waves are absolutely awesome!


  17. I love this picture too. Mommy and daughter are so cute together.

    Hope you visit my blog. Follow if you wish and I will return the favor.

  18. i've never seen this picture of her and the baby...she looks great! i've tried this with a big-barrel curling, but takes time.

  19. I'm just about to do a post on hollywood glamour waves.. I'm dying to get my hair to look like that... time to practice :)


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