Subway Love

There's not much to do on the subway except stare at peoples shoes and bags. I always try to sneak a peek at outfits and make-up too, but God forbid I meet eyes with someone. 

I also notice when people are looking at my shoes and bags. Its an instinct really, as I can just feel their eyes burning a hole into my feet. I  cant blame them, as they must be suffering some major shoe envy, which I am no stranger to myself;)

These snow boots and this little "suitcase" print carryall tend to get lots of subway love.

My Outfit:
Silk Blouse: Madewell for Shopbop
Denim: Jbrand
Snow Boots: Acautalia
Handbag: Balenciaga
Carryall/Tote: Modcloth

I suppose I could also look at it another way, and assume people are just bored and could give a hoot about my footwear/handbag/outfit but that would just be ABSURD!!

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  1. It's pretty obvious that they have shoe envy ;) The bag is really cute! x

  2. Those are stare-worthy boots and tote. I would also lock my eyes on your Balenciaga. Actually, my eyes are stuck on my fruit phone when I'm on the bus. But I'd prob sneak a peek.

  3. No, they totally have shoe envy. And I love that bag!

  4. is that you?! Looking GREAT! again, love the boots!


  5. Believe me i get stares all the time even when I think my outfits look plain.

    love your blouse its such a great color.

  6. Me again! I just awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award! It'll look pretty in your lounge :D

  7. I love the fabric bag! (((:
    wanna follow my blog?

  8. I love all of it! I'd definitely wear this outfit myself! :o)


  9. I'm constantly looking at other people's wears on the tube! Great for inspiration :)

    Rosie x

  10. Ahaha its so true!!!!! I always am nonchalantly checking out other peoples outfits. Love your blog. following!!

    xxo Tess S.

  11. That outfit is subway-stare worthy.
    I love staring at people's things. It's a hobby of mine.
    Really, what else is there to do in some circumstances??

  12. I'm staring your boots right now and I really want it!! LOL I think its totally worth it at staring people with their fashion consciousness, just so inspiring

  13. LOVE that tote. I love dissecting outfits. There's nothing better to pass the time on public transportation. I also like to make up stories about people I see (in my head, of course.) ;)

  14. love those boots and blouse! very chic!xx

  15. I would totally be staring to at those great boots ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog! Following on Bloglovin. Love your style.

  16. Your shoes are sooo cool! They look truly amazing on you! We should be friends =)


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