Party Time: Finally, "The Dress" Unveiled!!

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a party dress online for the holidays...(actually, I ordered two)....and I asked you all to guess which one I bought.

Remember This Post? (Refer to this link to refresh your memory)

Ok, so I know this one is GRAY AGAIN!!! But its pretty clear its hard for me to shake my habit....its a silver though, so does that really count as gray? 

A couple of you guessed it. I thought it would be really easy since I tend to wear a lot of grays anyway. 

A lot of you LOVED the sweet, cream lace dress on the right hand corner, and, I do too, but its just a little to sweet for me. I wish I had taken the plunge and done something a little different, but I do love the way this dress fits and it seems so sparkly and "Holiday'y," plus I love the shoulder detailing.

Unfortunately, the other one I bought makes me look like prostitute....a little too small and very short on me.....but its the one all the way on the bottom right corner!

Hope you guys like my dress as much as I do;) 

Thanks for playing my little guessing game!!!


  1. Wow this looks really great on you!! x

  2. Gorgeous!!!!
    I love it!!! I'm sure that if you wear it in a party, you'll catch everyone's eyes!!!
    I really love how the dress fit on you!!!

  3. Great choice!!!! This dress looks fabulous on you!! Love the black stockings with it.

  4. Thanks guys! I was hoping it would be an "eye-catching" kind of dress! xoxo

  5. Oh my - this dress is fabulous! Loving the one-shoulder look right now. And the embellishments are gorgeous. Great find!

  6. That is a fantastic party dress. I'm a gray girl, too. I look awful in black so no LBD's for me!

  7. that dress is hot...looks amazing on you! Love all the ruching shoulder details...

  8. You look fabulous! Such a perfect party dress!

  9. the dress is so gorgeous! you look awesome with it

  10. I was just commenting somewhere that I've been into gray this year. Cool shoulder detail. Yes, I guessed the cream one. I'm still new to reading your blog. Maybe next time I'll guess correctly. Now get shopping! :oD

  11. By the by . . .

    I tagged you on today's post to share 7 random things about yourself. It 's kind if like those "All About Me" e-mails that go around. You may have done it before or may not want to do it. I'm still new to this blogging community and you've been great about making me feel welcome through your comments. So, I've tagged you!

    Jen :o)

  12. oh my gosh!!
    your blog is great!!
    stay in touch if u like!!
    i follow u!!

  13. awsome dress!!everything is perfect..the color the shoulder it!!!my english is so horrible i know...

  14. looks great on you girl!! i LOVE gray!!! happy holidays sweetie!!

    I love this more than anything!
    Come visit me, doll! Merry Christmas :)

    xoxo, Summer.

  16. There really are no words; that's how stunning that dress is! It looks per-fect for NYE!

  17. gorgeous dress!! you look absolutely stunning!!

  18. You look stunning! Love love love the dress!

  19. that is an amazing dress ! I love one-shoulder dresses :)


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