Smokin Hot Mixed Metals

Mixing metals is not for everyone. I have a few Lily Pulitzer wearing friends that would NEVER go that route...but I do have to say its one of my favorite looks because its unpredictable...I really think clothes say a lot about personality. For me mixing metals is telling the world a few different things:

1. I'm awesome (haha...I'm funny too)
2. I like to be unconventional 
3. I'm definitely not a type A personality
4. I have the cutest dog in the world (lets see who's paying attention)

Anyway, since I'm a jewelry designer, I like to pile on and mix up my jewelry as much as I like to mix and match my clothes...Heres a photo of todays mix:

**the ring, the leaf necklace and the silver branch bracelets are all pieces I've made for my collection...(Mimi Jay Jewelry)

The nails are (smokin hot)....Ever since this Essie Nail Color "Smokin Hot" came out a couple of months ago, I haven't been able to put another color on my nails....except I did stray over the holidays with that OPI Nail Glitter...i posted about not too long ago. Anyway, the color is so popular at my nail salon I had other manicurist hovering over me waiting for me to be done so they could snatch it for their not so patiently waiting clients...


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  1. Haha the dog comment was funny! Your jewellery is really fabulous! Love that nail colour.. would love to wear something that dark.

  2. I love mixing metals...thanx to my BFF!! I always pieced my jewelry so that they would match, but NOW I mix....becuz it is fun and looks so edgy and unconventional! Love the pieces that you made! How do I get some?

  3. i love that nail polish color! ive been looking for it whenever i see essie polishes and they are always sold out!!


  4. oh snap! im your 100th follower - so exciting!

  5. I finally gave in to mixing metals when I wanted to wear yellow gold and my wedding set are white gold and studs are platinum and I wear them everyday.

    I didn't realize that you are a jewelry designer! Too awesome! I really like the branch bracelet. Where can we find your designs?

    Make sure to check out my Monday post for a feature I'm revealing!
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  6. I have a very similar nail color by Dior. I can't get enough of it. I figure that if you find a nail color that perfect, it's okay to wear it all.the.time.
    Mixing metals makes me a tad bit nervous because I am so structured (as you can see by my last post), but I appreciate those who have the ability to do it. Don't get me wrong. I do it occasionally, but I am picky about HOW I do it. You, however, are great at it -- a good way to be since you are a jewelry designer!


  7. I love that braided bracelet! And the ones you made are beautiful too :) Nice post.

  8. I LOVE the silver branch bracelet. & I'm a huge fan of mixed metals....guess that would definitely make me a non-Lily Pulitzer type. :)

  9. I love layering necklaces too. Oddly, all of those things are true about me too...I also a have the cutest dog :)...can they share the title?

    Great post!


  10. i love wearing silver & gold jewelry alltogether as well !
    nice nail polish color !

    glisters and blisters

  11. i love mixing metals and piling on a bunch of jewelry - it can make a simple outfit so much more interesting!

  12. i LOVE to layer lots of jewelry! and your nail color is great!
    thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog, Belles&Rebelles!
    LOVE your blog! I'll be following! xo


  13. If I had as many cool pieces as you, I'd want to match them up too! You've got some great stuff, and it looks like they all work really well together.

  14. Cool bracelets.

    Im your newest follower, hope youll want to follow me too : )


  15. i love your nails!! such a pretty color!!

  16. That color is sooo smokin's burned a hole through my computer!!! LOVE IT!!! SOOOO Gorgeous..gotta pick up that color!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  17. I like to mix metals...that way I can wear more of my jewelry at once...I love that stuff you make...where can I get a closer look??

  18. I am all for mixing metals. I am always drwn to necklaces and earrings and the like that already have all the different colors in them. I think it is one great look! Your nails are awesome as well.


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