Random Snow Day

Today was a snow day so I did all sorts of random stuff:

I shopped online and found 2 beauties I'm lusting over...

Bought Flowers and put them around the apartment to help beat the winter blues....(oh and this body lotion below is AMAZING, so moisturizing and the best scent ever...)

Wore my favorite snow boots...the brand is Aquatalia...

and went to lunch with a friend....

I have to say, snow days rock! Mainly because it makes me feel like I'm off the hook. Its ok to screw around on a snow day because thats what everyone else (almost everyone else) is doing!!



  1. Your house decorations are really lovely! By the way, there's a giveaway on my blog if you want :) x

  2. I've been having snow days all week! YIppee!

    If only I had some cute snow boots like yours. :)

  3. I don't know how true this is but I read on Yahoo! that only one state didn't get snow and it wasn't Hawaii? I didn't investigate further. I did notice that most bloggers mentioned or feature snow in their posts.

    I totally wouldn't have guessed that was ChloƩ. A great choice! Those are great snow boots! I'm familiar with the name but hadn't checked them out.

    Have fun and stay warm! Our snow turned to rain overnight Tues to Weds and now it's pouring and will be for several days.

    Come join the Fashion Blog Flash Mob

  4. That hand bag is Delicious!! And those snow Boots are freakin' adorable! And good job keeping the home, Flower Fresh!! ;)

  5. Lovely decorations, and those items you are lusting after...I totally understand, they are gorg!! Thanks so much for your comment! :)

    Kirstin Marie

    p.s. This comment box is right next to that delicious picture of the cupcake with the pretty little sprinkles on it and now I'm craving one!!

  6. Like your day very much and these photos are great!


  7. ohh LOVE those boots!!!


  8. love the bag and boots!xx

  9. Looove the Jeffrey Campbells!
    And i really like your blog too ;)
    I'd love it if you'd follow me too!!!
    Have fun!!!
    And stay so stylish!kisses!

  10. That bag is gorgeous! I love snow days, too. It's a freebie for being lazy and just doing whatever!


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