Fun Finds Friday

Onyx Pendant - Cool find from nyc store "Matter"
WTF Sticky Notes - Perfect for my hubby...he can use the WTF ones every morning when he finds the little splashes of coffee I spill as I pour my first cup...(he can leave 'em right by the stains)...
The Affordable Berkin Bag - this is AWESOME, since I wont be buying a real one! Have you seen this yet? Its all over the place and VERY affordable:)
Lace Socks - from a cool nyc store that has unique swag, check it!

Hooray Friday!!! It's taco night for me and my hubs, and then tomorrow night we are off to a birthday party. I sure do hope the weather gets better---I left the house without an umbrella today and got drenched!

Enjoy Your Weekends Everyone!!

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  1. Have Blog? Now follow :)Your blog is super cute and I love the Fun Finds Friday. I always thought gray was spelled with an "e" and spell check always corrects me (shaking my fist in the air). My fave- the black onyx pendant, oh so pretty.

  2. I love the golashes :)

  3. Love that onyx pendant! That sheer cardi has a fun kimono vibe to it. Domo arigato for sharing!
    Come check out my 30! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  4. I love the cake stand and kimono! Have a great weekend :) xx

  5. so pretty wedges!!!

  6. I love your picks! Especially the wedges, pendant, and kimono. Have a great weekend!

  7. Love that affordable Berkin bag!!!
    Have a nice weekend sweetie.

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those wedges. And that vase. And that kimono-esque cardigan. Great picks.

    Hope your weekend is going well!


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