Grandma Gray

Whoa! I dont know what got into me on Monday, but I am BURNING  these gray pants! Since it was Presidents Day, my hubs and I had the day to do whatever we wanted and for some reason, that meant organizing my kitchen cabinets, and baking! Yes I could've gone shopping, or to a movie, but since it looked like I raided my grandma's closet, I figured I might as well do the stuff she enjoys!!!! 

Grandma's Outfit
Blazer: Mike & Chris
Blouse: H&M
Pants: Tiny Ashes in the Garbage
Boots: Jeffery Campbell

Now, I have to give a shout out to a healthy living blog I've been following lately called Oh She Glows. I have been trying some of her recipes, and they are AMAZING. These bars below are her "Energy Bites."

They are fairly easy to make, and have lots of vitamin and protein packed ingredients. The cool thing about her recipes is that she focuses on being healthy and eating clean, rather than dieting.

My hubby loves them, and so do I. Hopefully, these will give me enough energy to go back to dressing like the normal, healthy, "20 year old" that I am!! 

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  1. Those energy bites look amazing...I'll have to check out her blog!

    Liesl :)

  2. I like that top! What a productive day off! I saw a loveseat like yours at a furniture store this weekend and thought of you because you have one. Is that creepy?
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  3. You do not look like a grandma, and well if you do your grandma knows what amazing outfits are!

  4. you seriously made me LOL!! hahaha

    you're so pretty!!

  5. Haha you don't look like a grandma!!! And I want your boots!

  6. Ha Ha...I don't get a grandma vibe from those pants at all.

  7. That energy bar looks yummy!! Your a HoT Grandma outfit wearing Chic!! Lol.

  8. Those bars look good. I'll have to check out the recipe.

  9. Those bars actually look appetizing. I'm amazed. Mayyyyyybe I will have to convince Mr. A to make them for me. (Since I can't make anything myself in the kitchen. I kind of suck.)

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  10. Those pants are totally cute! I was looking at a pair of skinny gray ones just like those at Target yesterday!

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  11. Those bars look so good!!! I really need to check out her blog, I also have couple of recipes blog that I've been following and most of them are healthy eating. I just started baking so I'm learning LOL
    I dont think you look like grandma at all, its a really comfy outfit for president's day and I totally wear something like this too

  12. love those jeffrey campbell shoes... and yum to that energy bite bar!!!!

  13. First of all, thanks so much for posting the link to both the recipe and her blog! I was really inspired by her story and am glad to have a new blog to read (and some new goodies to make that are actually GOOD for me). And, for what it's worth, I think you look pretty good and not very granny-esque at all. VERY good considering it was a long weekend!

  14. Mia, I tried the itty bitty carrot cake cookies, delish! Next, I am going to try the energy bars you posted here.

    Thanks for sharing the link! Check out my FB when you get a chance :-)



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