Fun Finds Friday

Frame 1:

Lace Vest - can dress up anything and make it look more fun and edgy
Boots Umbrella Stand - this is so cute for Spring showers
Colorblock Bangle - color-blocking is back for Spring

Frame 2:
Electric Blue Iphone Case - from one of my favorite nyc stores
Beaded Belt - I love the colors in this one
Colorblock Sweater - if you really want to wear the color-block trend, this is one of my favorites

Happy Friday Again!!

Did your week go by fast? Mine did. Now I'm busy with my friends wedding. Tonight's the rehearsal dinner and tomorrow is filled with brunching, getting all dolled up, picture taking and dancing. Lets hope the hubby starts feeling better so he can dance with me! 

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  1. Love that belt- have a great weekend!

  2. Yes I think this week had gone fast. So glad the weekend is here though, I just hope we have some sun like we did today.

  3. I love the bangle! My week was sooo slow and long... Oh well at least it is Friday :)


  4. LOVIN that colorblock sweater - looks like it's keeping up with that paperthin trend!

  5. Colourblocking in a bangle looks so good.

  6. J'aime le pull!!!Super!;)

    Angela Donava

  7. I love the colorblock trend....cute sweater!!!! AND i need an electric blue iphone case! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!! :)

  8. I adore the lace vest! Actually I love everything that's lacey and fun so this is super cute!


  9. those are great items, really love the first vest!

    Fashion Bag 411


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