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This weekend I went to a wedding in Florida. I had no idea I would be giving a speech at the rehearsal dinner, but thats EXACTLY what I did.

My big concern (as usual), was what to wear. The bride said to dress casual for the dinner, but I still wanted to look church appropriate. I think the cardigan and the jewelry helped me achieve that look.

Aaaah, but I had to give a speech?!!! What to do, what to do???

Well, DON'T picture everyone naked...yes I know this is a trick some say works well, but if you're anything like me, that will just fluster you to no end. And do you really want to see your friends family members in their birthday suits? I didn't think so.

I also don't recommend memorizing anything, which you cant really do if you're put on the spot anyway.  Instead, pick the first memory of the bride or groom that comes to mind (assuming its appropriate to share with Granny), then, take a quality of that persons personality that is demonstrated in that memory. For example, "When I first met the bride she made me laugh til I cried. Here's why..._______ Groom, you have a lifetime to look forward to brides amazing smile and sense of humor..."

If all else fails you can always use the old tried and true:
 "Here's to Honor. Get on on her and stay on her!"
Yeah, that'll work just fine:)

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  1. Well, you look great! Love that cardi! It looks so soft. Hopefully that drink in your hand helped out some :D
    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  2. Omg I love your outfit, especially that dress!

  3. I love the outfit you wore! The pattern on that dress is lovely!


  4. This outfit was perfect for the rehearsal dinner, such a cute dress!

  5. outfit is cool)
    i like it) especially dress, i wanna to buy this one)

  6. You look pretty. I like your lovrly dress and cardi is fab.Great accessories!

    xoxo Ra

  7. Your outfit is gorgeous. And I would have been so terrified!! x

  8. I've never had to give a speech, I would certainly get flustered. Great choice for your outfit too, the dress is very pretty.

  9. Great outfit! I love it. That's crazy about the speech - but I'm sure you pulled it off fabulously!

  10. Never had to give a speech but you look very pulled together and cool in that pretty dress

  11. Super cute dress..you look just lovely hahah I love your thinking picture...hope the speech went well!

  12. Ahhh speeches! At least you got the most important part = looking great - covered!



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  13. Ooooh! You go girl! I'm so happy you successfully delivered (what I am sure was) a fabulous speech!!

    You look so fab! That outfit is very perfect in every way. :)

  14. the dress is gorgeous,
    love the look!


  15. Ah, random public speaking. How I despise thee.
    I gave my presentation at the colloquium yesterday and, surprisingly, did not vomit beforehand or afterwards.
    My pride for myself abounds.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. I love the dress you wore, it looks so romantic :)

  17. CHEERS!! Love your outfit ....and your skin looks flawless!!


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