Many Layers Monday

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend;)
Blue Tank: Aqua, Maxi Skirt: Buy Here, Bag: Balenciaga, Ring: Mimi Jay, Necklace: Topshop

Three layers today...cream tank, blue tank, & red vest.

This whole look is very boho, borderline granola. I realize that my hair looks dirty and that helps contribute to this. It really wasn't dirty, but when I let it air dry, it looks not so nice.

Now for a layer of my life: I am a collector of hobbies. I stick with some and give up on many. I think its because I'm a gemini and need constant change or I get bored easily (thats why I love Manhattan so much)! Knitting lasted 2 weeks. Yoga, 3 months. Photography is my newest and I'm not that good. I attempted to blur the background of this picture above and tried to add a bokeh effect. Better luck next time!



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  1. I love this hippie look! I tend to get all excited about something and then lose interest too. Like one day, I'm planning to get my masters and then I change my mind and decide to get certified as a teacher and then a few weeks later, I'm planning to go to nursing school. lol And at the moment, I'm back to thinking about my masters...

  2. wow loving how you layered on and colour block your outfit!! really cool especially the pattern on your skirt :)


  3. Your skirt is gorgeous, loving the layering and back to your comment on my blog, its a batwing jumper under the dress x

  4. Oh wow this sounds like fun...unfortunately it is like 100 degrees so I may have to postpone the entry...will you be doing this every monday?

  5. Hair still looking amazing, even without having to DO IT! Love it!! That skirt is sweet!

  6. Like the colors you've put together! :)

  7. Love your skirt! Looks nice and cool for a summer day. Not that I know what those are. I love Manhattan!


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