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Gorgeous fall clothing will be popping up in stores any day now...and the runways are filled with rich and bold colors for the upcoming season.....(see below).

It's so hot outside that its really hard to even think about buying fall clothes. I always feel like I'm in a bit of a predicament this time of year because there are so many summer sales (and did I mention how hot it is)? At the same time, do I want to spend my money on the sales or do I want to save it for my autumn wardrobe (which always seems to be more expensive anyway)?

After looking through the runway shows, and then seeing whats already available in stores, I feel pretty confident that I can shop smart now, buying things that will fit into Falls upcoming trends and accommodating both warm and chilly weather. 

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Any of these items I've chosen above can help me sustain my shopping addiction, are available NOW, and can be worn with jackets/tights/etc. They are right on trend with the upcoming colors for fall but will still look summer ready through the rest of the current season!

I've already bought one of the above items...10 more to go!!!

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  1. Great post! There is something so tantalizing about fall clothes. I absolutely adore shopping for fall/winter clothing and am loving some of the items you've listed


  2. i LOVE FALL!!!! all the rich gorgeous colors come out! #11 is AMAZING!

  3. great recommendation,hope you'll get all of those things asap :D

  4. I love #'s 2, 4, 6, and 10!!! Need those shoes in my life :)

  5. I cannot wait for the layers, skirts, boots...
    I am lusting after #2...

  6. Mmmm I really love #4 and #6. 6 is way out of my price range, but 4? I think I could manage! And yeah, it would work in outfits in August as well as September, October, and November. Cost per wear would basically be a penny, right? I think I should get it!

  7. I'm in no way ready for fall fashion, but those bright yellow earrings definitely look perfect for right now!

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