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Being that its September 11th and all I've been seeing and hearing about today are things that make me sad, I wanted to share some beautiful things that make me happy...

1st Check out Cinematic Orchestra Arrival of the Birds 
if you want to hear the most amazingly touching music, the kind that makes you appreciate life.

2nd I came across this line today and happen to love it...
Find Here 180$

Find Here 1500$

Making jewelry and working with metals is my passion. Every time I find something new, unique, and out of my realm of capability, I get inspired. This line includes etching/engraving which is something I find quite difficult as you need a really steady hand. I love the natural, minimalist look. This stuff is beautiful:)

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  1. This line is GORGEOUS. Wow, I am loving that bracelet with the trees. (Even though it's way out of my budget...) Thanks so much for sharing lady



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