New Shades, Cool Breeze

My Outfit:
Scarf: Club Monaco
Top: Club Monaco
Shoes: All Saints
Shades: Ray Ban

This was taken in Santa Monica...notice the scarf in the middle of summer? Well, it was pretty nippy by the beach, but the cool breeze was refreshing after the New York heat.

The blue Ray Bans, are the only wearable item my husband and I bought to share...I LOVE them, but I think the hubs looks better in 'em. I'm just so happy he lets me wear them too;)

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Do you guys share any items of clothing or accessories with your significant other?

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  1. Your new retro shades are super cute on you and a definite trend for it! :)

    Liesl :)

  2. Killer them...such cool blue.

    My hubby and i have very different tastes on everything, so no sharing for us!

  3. The shades look awesome on you! Yes, Allan and I have a fabulous knitted scarf that we share. It's nice, long and hand-sewn which makes it the perfect winter piece


  4. Missed you on Monday. And, I was actually on time this time. Next week! Hope you had fun in Santa Monica. You look kind of nautical.

    I teal my hubby's belt sometimes. Sad that I fit it so well.

  5. great shades, love the colour, so unique!

  6. Love the sunglasses! They look great on you!
    And boyfriend and I share this simple long sleeved, black American Apparel shirt. I think it looks better on him but I love it, so we share!

  7. Great All Saints shoes and cute sunglasses.

  8. you look great
    love the top and your shoes are cool

    Serendipity Style Blog

  9. You look awesome in the blue shades!
    Now following you too w/ bloglovin =)



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