The 1 that Stands Out Gets a High Five

Preston gives the one-nail-different look a high 5
(Sorry, he's so cute, & I'm so cheesy, I can't help myself)

On Nails: 
Majority: Essie "Power Clutch"
The one alone: OPI "Chapel of Love"

The lady getting her nails done next to me, kept looking at my fingers in horror, as if this one little detour from manicure perfection was going to give her a heart attack! I like that this look is a little out of the ordinary and unique...

I guess I'm just wild and crazy, (along with everyone else who's tried out this trend). It really does make me smile to look down at them, and I suppose it would make a perfectionist cringe. But for me, it's a nice little reminder that life is short, why follow all the rules, and not take every little thing (manicures included) so damn seriously;)

This Friday, in keeping with the theme of being unique, I leave you with a Quote:
"If God intended us all to be the same, he'd have given all of us braces on our legs. "
--Forest Gump

Have you tried some unique nail looks?
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  1. I love your nails! Life is too darn short to be taken too seriously. Do what makes you happy. I think I might copy your nails for the weekend. I could use something to look down and smile at!
    Happy Weekend Friend!!!

  2. I adore those nails, they look amazing!! And high-fiving the dog is such a cute photo <3

  3. Its funny how you mention the person next to you in the salon looking at you with horror -- because it sounds just like the lady that was seating NEXT to me when I did the same.
    I love looking down at them - makes me feel unique.
    Plus the girl who does my manicure always wonders what I will want next, she says i keep her "updated"


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