An Effortless Fall Uniform

My Outfit
Scarf: Anthropologie
Denim Shirt: Blank NYC
Extra Long Tank: Topshop
Leggings: Splendid
Boots: Fiorentini & Baker

This is my typical uniform as of late...comfy leggings, tank with open button down, and a cute scarf...I love that the scarf throws off the baby bump a bit, not because I dont want to show it off, but sometimes its nice to resemble my old self. As I get bigger, I figure I wont have this option.

The main reason this is a typical look of mine, is pure comfort. The outfit still has some color, and is kind of fun, but its sooooo effortless--key factors for me feeling good when I've got a bun in the oven;)

PS, I always find it important to cover your bum with an extra long tank when wearing leggings or tights. (I don't care to see the outline of each cheek, but then again, I'm not a dirty old man either)...
What are your feelings on this?

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  1. Chic and comfortable! Definitely what I've been trying to pull off during my pregnancy too! 8 months and my goal of "no-sweatpants" is going strong! phew. xoxo

  2. my fashion board today looked just that....except you pulled it off seamlessly!in love with this look!


  3. Hi, your baby bump is adorable. You're right about the scarf throwing off the bump, it's such a great tactic! I'm sure that you will continue to remain your stylish self during the next 5 months ;)

  4. Your scarf is cute! and loving your boots too! :)

    Congratulations for the bun! ;)

  5. Gorgeous!


    There's a giveaway on my blog, come and check it out and see if you would like to take part!

  6. Love that scarf! I'll be a new follower!

  7. Yes! Please everyone cover your bums! Love your scarf! I didn't even notice a "bump" until you said something!

    Lindsey Turner

  8. oh my gosh, i cant believe you hid that bump the entire 4+ months! you look great. and i'm all for dressing comfy while pregnant, you look so cute!
    amber Easy Petite Looks

  9. LOVE the scarf. Want want want!!! Happy to have found you through {Long Distance Loving}!

    xo your newest follower,


  10. Thank you for popping in today! I love new visitors and I LOVE that scarf :)

  11. Nice outfit, love your leathe rjacket! Hey, I want to ask you a favor: from the 26th of december I'll be in NY for the first time for a week.. have you got same advice, same tips,for me? some cool bar, or restaurants, same good things to do and of course same place for shopping? Thank you so much! Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    Cosa mi metto???

  12. Such a cozy outfit. I always wear long tops with leggings as well, one of my most important "fashion rules".
    And I love your scarf! :)

  13. Love those BOOTS!!! AND that Handbag!!! Your outfit looks sweet and comfy..you always look so effortless and fashion forward!!

  14. Your scarf is just adorable! Like your outfit!
    thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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