Elevens and Mean Girls

Top & Wrap Bracelet: BCBG Hereand  Here, Cardigan: Madewell, Bag: YSL, Leather Paneled Denim: J Brand

Elevens (lines between brows for you youngsters who havent experienced this yet) form in your 30's (or sooner if you dont wear sunscreen.)  Mine are visible bc I sadly did not wear sunglasses in these photos and I'm squinting way too much to keep the lines away.

But you know what else happens in your thirties? You become increasingly confident in who you are and what matters to you in life. Long gone are the days of caring about which mean girl said what or did what to you or behind your back. Oddly, I had a dream about a passive aggressive mean girl on my highschool cheerleading squad last night.

How is she doing in her thirties? Who knows and who gives a damn... 

I'll happily take my elevens in exchange for the perks of only caring about what's truly important to me.

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  1. Small price to pay for wisdom, indeed.
    Love your mix of greens and your bag is just so gorgeous!
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. HA HA! I love the 11's!!! ;) I have crows feet starting too... Because I smile too much...

    <~~ Don't give a damn.

    And you are so right! I haven't reached my thirties yet, but I'm close! And I love who I am now, vs who I was and how my thought process went.

  3. Love this perspective! Some things about getting older aren't fun, but being more confident in who you are is worth the trade off! Love that mint cardigan!

  4. Lovely sweater and bag, really like the color ;)

  5. "Who knows and who gives a damn" - love that. Yes, I like my thirties so much better, all because of the confidence I've built over the years. I don't like elevens though, but have learned to embrace them :O)

    Cool outfit. I also think that women in their 30's rock leopard prints.

  6. That's the attitude !
    I don't see the 11's - I see a glowing beautiful gal who kicks ass :)


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