My Weekend WHOAS!!! Aquas & Blues

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Since I skipped Fun Finds Friday, I decided to think up a cheesy name for things that excite me this weekend...Weekend Whoas! came about. As in "Whoa! Look at that awesome pair of earrings!" CLICK ON EACH LINK FOR BUYING INFO...

 Wedges - These just look like summer and they are so unique. Not to mention a decent price!
 Aqua/Blue Pillow- I just bought two of these and they are now living in my master bedroom, I love them!
 Bath Bombs - One of the nicest things my husband has done for me lately was to come home with this apothecary jar he bought from bottery barn filled with bath bombs that he had gotten from lush. They feel so decadent and the blue ones are my favorite...they turn the water a gorgeous blue:)
 Ikat Rug - This rug is also in my master bedroom...I adore it and its on sale
 Spike Earrings - I snapped a pic of my club monaco earrings chilling next to my coffee...2 of my favprite things!
 Cut-Offs -If I werent a mom, maybe I'd feel more comfortable rocking these cute cutoffs, maybe when my thighs shrink to pre-baby day size...maybe not, but i still love these shorts!

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  1. Those shorts are super cute! A little short for me, but I adore the color and pattern they added to them. So lovely for summer :)

  2. que bonito todo!!


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