Nikes T-shirt
I'm really feeling the retro vibe today. I love it in anything from living rooms to sunglasses. These Flower arrangements above are genius, and so sunny and happy. The Nike's are incredible and I HAVE to get a pair for myself. And this shirt is so 80's but even cooler. 

Who would've thought to put this retro mirror in the shower? It instanlty glams it up...

This phone case and this pillow make great gifts for a really hip friend...

And, how does a normal person even achieve these styles?! Gorgeous...
Just adding one of these accessories would make the whole look feel more retro...

The clutch is only 26$ at Macys! The pumps are a bit pricier but will go with almost anything.
And I just think these sunglasses are sooo cool:)

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  1. Gosh! The pumps are really something too special!
    Thanks for your lovely comment, now following you.


  2. I love the flowers and the shoes! So cute!

  3. Love that mirror in the bathroom, and fab pillowcases as well! xx

  4. Love the phone cases and hair styles, so pretty x

  5. The hairstyles are very pretty. You have a lovely blog btw, xoxo.

  6. I would have never thought of using cans like that.... very clever.


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