The Littlest Things

This sweet dish I bought from TJ Maxx. Proof you dont need to spend much to add little designer touches to your home:)
My new Forever 21 sweatshirt. My obsession with comfy yet chic sweatshirts continue. you can get it here.

My somewhat organised jewelry studio. This has been such a process but I printed sweet little labels to help me get what I need quickly.

My new boots....everything from the color to the heal height is just absolutley perfect.

And  finally, You know how they say, "Make your closet look like your favorite boutique."? Well, I've been working on it. I even put my favorite clutch in an inexpensive display case.

So, those are the little things from this week! 
Hope everyone has a great BIG weekend:)

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  1. Love that little dish. And, I am all about comfy stylish sweatshirts...gonna have to find that one! And, amazing closet boutique. Makes me want to go spruce mine up.

  2. love the idea of setting up your closet like your fave boutique. clever!


    latest post :: asks whether desginer collaborations are doing a disservice to the consumers on both response!

  3. Oooo, those boots are fabulous. Love them!

  4. I´m sooo in love with yoru booties! They´re just perfect!!

  5. The sweet dish is so pretty and those boots are the perfect colour for autumn too.

  6. The boots look really great :)

  7. Oh gosh your closet looks fabulous, definitely feeling the boutique thing! Hello new sweatshirt and booties, they are fab!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  8. Hey girl, I'm new here and I love it. My favorite is the sweatshirt and boots. Gorgeous!
    Come to visit my blog.

  9. Oh wow, this looks sooo nice. It does look like a display one would find in a nice store.
    I wish I had the space. Well, maybe I do have it but before I can make it work i'd have to declutter.
    Just a few days ago I was cleaning out my earring drawer and got rid of a lot of stuff. So maybe I am on the way...


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