Look of the Day: Childrens Party

This puffer vest is one of the best ten dollars I've ever spent. Seriously, that's all it cost me 8 years ago when I was on my honeymoon in Italy. It's really held up, probably because the Italians really know what they're doing!

I wore this look to a childrens Christmas Party. I knew it was gonna be over the top but I didn't expect live reindeer to be flown in! It was amazing. That said, when you go to a party during the day, that's supposed to be a fun casual, kids party, but your also going to be seeing your husbands colleagues and possibly seeing exotic reindeer and God knows what else,  you've gotta try and nail down a look that will be seriously versatile.

I was looking for an outfit that would be festive but easy to transform in an instant. (Meaning, if people were dressed to the nines, which some were, I'd be able to change one detail to go from casual to kind of dressed up). That one detail was this vest. It made my look super chill and gave that comfortable, not trying too hard vibe. Without it, my sparkly sweater and statement necklace looked dressy enough I suppose, if I came to find that everyone else was dressed up (which they werent, thank goodness)!

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  1. You look radiant - and i love it when I buy something and it's still around after 10 years.... that's what i call getting my money's worth. Even if its just 10 bucks.

  2. That party sounds insane! I think you got a great chill but glamorous holiday look going on. Perfect for that sort of event. Love the boots!
    x atelier zozo


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