Chains and Scarves

Not only do I love wearing scarves over a summer dress, but I love when a little bit of bling peeks through. 
Its quite functional to wear both a scarf and a necklace actually...when I'm cold indoors, I can wrap the scarf around my arms, or if I'm too warm, I can take it off and uncover the necklace.  
Then I'm not left completely un-accessorized...
Simple chains are my go-to for summer dresses. They go with everything and they never distract from the laid back, breezy summer styles that are so perfect for warm weather. 
You can get this particular two-tone chain necklace Here.

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  1. Your dress looks so gorgeous on you! I love that blue. Love the simplicity! The scarf is perfect with it.

  2. Oh yes, I could wear this !
    You look so neat and the chain and scarf layering is meticulous and just right.
    I have total admiration for those who can layer like this -

  3. I am loving the maxi and also the sandals are gorg!

  4. I like the scarf idea with a summer dress. it's always freezing at my work but I don't want to wear a jacket

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