Monday Motivation

Mondays are always the days where I find I need the most inspiration and motivation, and I really like to start the week off in the right direction. Todays post includes some good reads and fun little things to make me excited about life, even if it isnt the weekend anymore....

1. Plan a mini project like Make Your Own Geode Box - Why not start planning a fun little weekend project you can look  forward to all week? These boxes normally sell for anywhere between 50-250 dollars, why not make your own? 

2. Read about The healing powers of the ocean - inspire yourself to go for a swim next time youre at the beach. There are lots of health benefits involved including increased circulation and help with skin ailments.

3. Make your own dried flower bouquetNettle and Hollow has always been my go-to for dried flowers, plants and branches. Its an easy way to add some nature to your home without the required maintenance, and it instantly brings a smile to my face.

4. Cook up A Healthy Nacho Recipe -makes you feel like you are eating fun weekend food, while actually serving up a nutritious meal to your family.

5. Get a "fun-list" going. I've already got a summer bucket list of fun Los Angeles Activities. I hope to do all of these this summer...if you live in the area or are visiting check it out here.

6. Read about getting your "-ing on." The book is pretty inspiring, and even though the author tries to appeal to a certain type of person (young, overly trendy hip females) and uses some lingo I'm not crazy about, I'm actually finding her ideas about life and happiness to be pretty much awesome.

Happy Monday Everyone!
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