Best of Etsy: Summery Neutrals

I love the design on these coasters and would use them on an outdoor patio.
This Necklace has a light and airy feel. I love how the beads are opaque.
This Beach Tote is so perfect for any type of summer vacation. Its so simple and sweet and so perfectly priced.
A Powdered Face Wash is so perfect for travel and its all natural ingredients, including milk and honey, soothe summer skin and gently hydrate and exfoliate too.
I love this Glass Terrarium for city apartments or for anyone who wants to bring the beach indoors.
A shabby chic Jewelry Box is the perfect bookshelf or dresser display and can be used to hold whatever your heart desires.
These Mini Burlap Bags are meant to be used as favor bags but they are structured enough to use as office organization or even make-up storage. (Personally I'd use them to store makeup brushes and cotton rounds).
These sweet Earrings look like little shells and make me instantly think of the beach.

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  1. Lovely selection:) I'm partial to that beach tote myself.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That beach tote is amazing!! So cute!

  4. Oh I like that glass terrarium… but
    I always hear from my grandmother that its bad luck to bring anything back from the beach :(


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