Every Summer Has A Story: End of Summer Party

Keep these in a bucket to throw at the end of the party...Source

Summer is nearing an end, and its gone by so fast. We've been out of town so  much that we haven't entertained at all. If I had more time, I'd put together a party for this three day weekend...Wouldn't it be awesome to have an over the top end of summer party to really get it all out of your system and feel ready for Fall?

We'd all be sitting here...

I'd be wearing this dress beacause I doubt I'd have a reason to wear it again the rest of the year...unless I covered it up with a jacket.
Serving up some awesome homeade popsicles infused with vodka...
I'd set up the table with foods that scream summer.  I love this set up by peartree greetings.

That saying, "Every Summer Has a Story" is so true. I remember so much of my life based off the seasons. For some reason summer has always left a big impression, and topping it off with an end of summer party would be perfect! 


  1. I do agree...summer stories are always special...perhaps some aroma to them? something in that global awareness of 'now is time to relax' attitude? Who knows?
    Fabulous photos dear!

  2. That last setting is soooo cute.
    I've wanted to throw an outdoor/backyard party for a while now at our weekend home, but the place needs tons of repair. I always say "next summer" but it's been several summers now and repairs are not done yet.


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