Henri Bendel Sale

Bendels was the first store when I moved to New York that just totally knocked my socks off. I walked in and smelled all the wonderful smells, and ran to all the tons and tons of accessories on display everywhere. There was so  much amazing stuff it was almost, yet not quite overwhelming! It's the only department store in New York that focuses 100% soley on beauty and accesories and its 2 floors of gorgeousness.

Their sale items are just as amazing, so I picked my favorites for you to see. I always check their sales because you can find great gifts like this chocolate candle, and I always find essentials that can transition from one season to the next.

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  1. I've been to NY almost a dozen times and have never walked into a Henry Bendel store. I need to add it to the list of places to visit.

  2. Love your picks, that clutch is just so stunning.
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