Walking With Authority

Necklace (Mimi Jay)//Pants (Jet by John Eshaya) //Sandals (Matt Bernson)//Bag(Valentino)

I clearly cant get away from black when I'm in New York. It's just so fitting. It's durable and easy and according to the Huffington post, it gives off an authoritative look, which I guess you want when walking down the street, am I right?! 

I wore this look to a casual dinner and a nice walk along the Hudson River. We saw a beautiful sunset in between the buildings so I had to snap a pic. I always love the scent of the Hudson. I'm not sure how clean the water actually is, but to me it smells like Febreeze fabric freshener with a little extra salt added in. Yum, with a nice breeze and that amazing scent, a walk by the river is one of my favorite things to do.

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  1. Love this look...and your bag is perfection!

    xxAuna |

  2. The light blue necklace with the stripes is so gorgeous!


  3. Gorgeous outfit and I love your bag!!

  4. This is a wonderful outfit for walking, you look so relax and put together :)
    I am a fan of that bag!


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