Girl Party: Holiday Cookie Decorating Fete'

Welcome to my idea of the perfect holiday cookie baking party:

First, we'd have to have some healthy holiday cocktails to balance out all the cookie's a nice list of festive low cal drinks that look delicious.
Source for Pomegranate Champagne Punch

I'd serve these delicious white chocolate amaretto cherries...

We'd all wear these adorable half-aprons... here.

I'd give everyone pre-made kits, with basic cookies already prepared to decorate...because not all of us are Betty Crocker:)

The Martha Stewart types could work on making some of these cute cookies....

We'd cap off the day with drinks in this 
gorgeous dream of an outdoor space... (Sigh)

Happy Weekend Before Christmas!!


  1. awesome. . :-)


    kisses from Poland :*


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  2. That would be an awesome party! And full of lots of yummy treats! :) I always bake and decorate Christmas cookies with my family on Christmas eve - it's a fun tradition! :)

    Away From The Blue

  3. Well, this has certainly painted a pretty picture in my head! The festive baking has been done and I've got far too many Christmas aprons, so I'm not feeling TOO bad haha :) Merry Christmas!!


  4. Oh wow, you've made me dream… what a great idea :)
    Happy Holidays!


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