New Year: Items to Start Fresh

Every New Year I gravitate toward minimalist EVERYTHING. Healthy food with minimal ingredients, a purged closet with only my favorite pieces of clothing, lots of whites, taupe's and treys, and lots of down time. I also like to bring in fresh white flowers and crisp table linens to add to the blank slate idea. On top of it, I always end up looking for a fresh scent for the home after stowing my yummy pine tree candles.

I put together my top choices to help start the new year off right:

White Sunglasses look extra fresh after a season of sparkle and reds and greens.
This Cookbook is a great one to add to my collection to help start the year off and the proceeds go to charity, which is a double "start the year off right whammy!"
This awesome Scarf nails the fresh start but its still cold outside look.
Easy, comfy linen Shoes are perfect for running errands.
This Linen Candle is so nice and airy after all the apple pie scents and christmas tree candles that have been lingering in my house. 


  1. Well seems like you're ready for the new year! I am in with the white sunnies and I have so start hunting down a Panama hat to replace mine...
    I've yet to take my tree and Christmas decor down… and I probably won't do that for at least another week.
    I feel it went by soooo fast that I have not had time to actually enjoy it all.


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