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 We have been so busy around here lately...Applying to schools, interviewing, afterschool activities, work events, jewelry marketing...all these things plus a ridiculous amount of mundane stuff you really dont want to hear about. But in the midst of all this I have things that make me happy other than my beautiful family...can you beven elieve that? 

As crazy as this may seem to some of you, my powder room is just one of those places on this planet that makes me happy...Its bright and cheery and I OBSESS over the wall paper!
And now that I've finished going on about this little powder room, let me move on to some other great things that put a smile on my face AND keep me organized...If you know me well, I'm not too sure you'd peg me as the organized type. But when I try my best at it, I like to think I at least do it in 
style! Below is my ultimate favorite planner on earth! You can get it here. I love that you can order accessories for it. I personally ordered these cute page

And how could I not mention my jewelry? I'm always taking pictures of it, trying different outfits on with it, and of coarse trying to market myself, which in and of itself is a tough job! You can find  most of the jewelry I make here.

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  1. I can see why the powder room would make you happy :) It's straight out of a magazine page!


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