Girly Not

Are you one of those girls that loves beautiful, feminine things, but just doesnt always feel like yourself in pink frills?
Thats (kind of) ME! I love all the trends and shopping and beauty products and glamorous things in general. But I just dont feel quite right in tulle, ruffles, and lace.

Sweater//Wall Art// Table//Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt Cap//Cookbook

So I gathered up some fun items for girls like us....
  1. I REALLY like ruffle tops: On Everyone Else, so if I happen to find one or two that dont have to be so frilly, whether its because of the color or style or can go well with something less feminine, I snag it!
  2. This wall art is awesome, I just wish I had somewhere to put it!
  3. Same for this bedside table I'm going wild for....
  4. Geez, I'm not always comfortable with lace doilies but I just dont feel right in trucker hats either! Thats where these cute, of the moment baseball caps come into play:)
  5. I LOVE to entertain, but I just wasnt born with that hostess gene. Timing things, socializing while cooking, and still having fun is tough! This book is awesome!

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