Cold Shoulder Thrills

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There's something about the cold shoulder top that gives me such a thrill...lol. Maybe its because I'm a mom, and it allows me to be edgy/borderline sexy without revealing too much skin. I actually don't see many moms in my area rocking this trend very often, but I've always liked to push the envelope a little. Which is completely CRAZY that one might think wearing a cold shoulder top is "pushing the envelope." Ha! Cold shoulders have nothin on the stuff I used to wear in my twenties!

But still its a fun trend that shows a little bit of sass. AND I LIKE SASS! I suppose it makes sense, I mean, I do take pictures of myself in outfits and the jewelry I make and post it for all the world to see, shamelessly inviting both lovers and haters to take a look. And many of my readers are exactly the same. Thats why this type of top is made for you and me! I picked out some of my favorites above, almost all under 100$ many under 50$! I might be purchasing quite a few this spring!

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  1. The grey long sleeve one is my fave !

  2. These tops are all so cute! Can you just be my personal stylist please? I'll just have to scour every post and learn from you because putting together outfits is not my strength :). . .

  3. I love the bare shoulder look and I love the styles you've chosen to highlight here. All so unique and sexy! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration. xoxo

  4. Loving the Cold Shoulder trend!


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