Fashion Trends: Blouses, Peasent Blouses and Embroidered Tops

How was everyones weekend? Ours was great.Super relaxing, and we got a lot of good family time in. We took the kids to Westwood and felt like we were in college again. Sometimes its nice to be in a different environment to change things up a bit. My husband and I met and college, and we still have fond memories of that life. We got delicious subs (which was a college staple) and then went to Target! LOL! Funny how something so simple could make us so happy and relaxed:)

This top is actually a zip up blazer but I love to wear it closed. I felt so comfortable in it all day and had fun taking a few pics. And my little boy wanted to pose for a picture, which is extremely rare so I couldnt refuse! I guess our laid back vibe made a good impression on him, because he was very agreeable. (He also really liked my outfit)!

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  1. Simplest things are the best ! OMG your baby is no longer a baby !


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