Summer Sales: Edgy Basics that Will Get You Through the Year

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When I have the time, which I'll admit is very rare, I scroll through sale items online and sort through them by color. I go with the basics of coarse, like black and white and use them in my filter tab. Most good sites have a filter, like shop bop, net-a-porter, and Revolve. I also sort through them by colors that tend to look good on me. A basic item is ALWAYS better to get on sale, so PROMISE me you will never by a white tank top for full price unless there is something sooooo uniquely special about it! Click the numbers below the picture for shopping links:) 

OH, and PS my idea of basics tend to be a little edgy but you can always find classic, girly, or even modern basics on sale every season, so always take a look and FILTER THROUGH!

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