More! More! More! Fun Finds Friday

Yes, it is possible to still want more after Christmas... Greedy? Nah! Materialistic? Nah!  
                                        Bow Cuff                                                                            Beanie
                       Earmuff/Headphones                    Crochet Iphone Case                 All Saints Jewelry Sale

I'm just following this quote for the New Year:

via pinterest

I feel blessed because lots of things make me happy! Material or not. My biggest joy though? The start of my new family and the best hubby in the world;)

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  1. haha i want more stuff too :P i love the bow bracelet! so cute :D

  2. Those are definitely words to live by, thanks for sharing. :)

    Just followed you on Google Connect and Bloglovin, stop by Beirut Chic if you get the chance, I'd love to hear what you think:

    Stay Stylish,


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